Monday, 4 July 2016


What a great bunch of flipperballers we have in our school and in our class!!! 

Great game at naenae pool tonight!!! 

Our fabulous coach Hui, giving us some tips!!!

And some room 4 members trying to get in the photo!!! :) 


We went to watch how the big kids do it last Thursday! We loved seeing their performances and seeing some very talented people we know!!

We're ready!!!

Sacred Heart College and St Patrick's 

Wainui High

Naenae College

Sacred Heart Poly Group 


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Some beautiful members of our class were part of Polyfest this week! You all very wonderful and we are very proud of you all!!! xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

God is

-               part of the Trinity
-               love
-               the creator of the world
-               caring, nice and kind
-               special
-               a part of us
-               part of our family
-               with us
-               the King
-               the Father and we are his children
-               a peacemaker
-               a leader
-               helpful
-               life
-               a guider through life
-               always there
-               our guardian
-               before us preparing the way
-               our light
-               part of the Holy Spirit
-               always taking away our sins
-               faithful
-               gentle
-               mercy
-               generous
-               good
-               great
-               honest
-               including
-               encouraging
-               our saviour
-               holy
-               a healer
neither a he or she